[VIDEO] Why Book Launches Take A Lot Out of You | Day 3 of #BookLaunchTruths

In this third video in a 5-part series on #BookLaunchTruths, you’ll learn why launches can take a lot out of you (both physically and emotionally).

Regardless of how big your team or budget may be, there will always be more to do than you might think. Unexpected complications are a given, especially as you get closer to the actual launch. Not to mention, you’ll also encounter criticism and rejection along the way, which can impact your ability to confidently promote your book and inspire others to do the same.

Watch video #3 for tips and strategies on how to proactively manage the ups, downs, and uncertainties that can come from preparing for a book launch.

Click here to watch Day 4 of #BookLaunchTruths

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