In my keynote speeches, I reveal what it takes to succeed in today's business of thought leadership. 

Elizabeth Marshall - Keynote Speaker

With publishing, speaking and media changing so rapidly, thought leaders are hungry for the right information on how to make a lasting impact with their message.

Whether in front of an audience of executives, entrepreneurs or established thought leaders, I explain what’s required for their message (book), their relationships (platform), and their business model in order to succeed.  

With real-time case studies and examples, I also shine a light on what it’s really like on the difficult, often emotional journey to making your mark as a thought leader. 

“Liz is that rare speaker who can combine practical insights and actionable advice with empathy and inspiration. She has tremendous charisma and likeability along with a natural speaking style that engages the audience.”
- Tanya Hall, CEO Greenleaf Book Group

Why Hire Elizabeth?

Many speakers have an “about page” listing the reasons why you should work with them, but frankly, promising things like speaking to the organizer in advance, tailoring the keynote for the audience, and incorporating energy, humor and takeaways for the attendees is a minimum and we should ALL be doing that.

Here are three reasons to hire me as your speaker:

1)  I am a recognized thought leader on the business of thought leadership.

I work with top influencers and New York Times bestselling authors, including Seth Godin, Michael Port, and Carol Roth to help them grow their message, platform and impact.  My case studies and examples are based on actual strategies my clients are using right now to get results - strategies that your audience can immediately apply to their own work.

2)  I am known for building relationships; it’s my brand and what I stand for.

Whether it’s spending extra time to get to know you and the needs of your audience, being accessible to your attendees before and after my talk, supporting the other speakers and finding ways to reinforce their message, I’m invested in your event and your success.

3)  I make your job easier.

Conference directors who’ve booked me will tell you that I’m easy to work with and that you can count on me to deliver.  Also, I’ve run my own 3-day workshop in New York City and booked speakers for it, so I understand some of the challenges in working with the “talent.”  When you hire me, my goal is to create the best and most pleasurable experience you’ve had in working with a speaker.

“Your presentation was totally spectacular. My audience is still talking about what a fabulous speaker you are! Watching you on stage is a gift - you connect in a way that inspires all of us!”
- Casey Truffo, Founder International Therapist Leadership Institute

Keynote Speaking Topics

Here are some of my most popular presentations.  Of course, as mentioned above, I tailor my speeches to fit your audience and goals. 

The Power of Partnerships:
How to Create Greater Impact and Income for Your Message + Book

No matter your stage as a thought leader or entrepreneur, having a strong network of relationships is essential to growing your organization and brand.  However, it can be confusing to know which strategic connections are "right" for you, where to go to find them and what to ask for when you do! In this interactive presentation, I share current case studies and proven strategies you can use to develop strategic relationships that lead to greater impact and income for your work.

Demystifying the Business of Thought Leadership:
How to Make a Lasting Impact with Your Message + Work

There's never been a better time to make your mark as a thought leader, author and speaker. At the same time, creating and promoting the right ideas, at the right time, in the right way has become more confusing, difficult, and tenuous than ever. Using current client examples, I explain the radical new rules of thought leadership and share cutting-edge insights on what it takes to succeed.

Don't Stop Believing
How to Survive the Setbacks and Make a Lasting Impact with Your Message

Although the path to making a last impact is not always easy, bestselling authors and thought leaders know one thing: the “secret” is learning to spot the opportunities hidden behind the setbacks.  In this keynote, I share client stories and current examples on how you can effectively bounce back from rejection, stay connected to your audience and find your path to greater impact and results.

“Elizabeth's presentation at our CEO Netweavers event was the best I've heard in two years.”
- Michael Egan, CEO Netweavers