Thought Leader Diagnostic


Do you want to be more than a bestseller for a day?

Are you working really hard to grow your impact and income
but frustrated that you’re not getting better results?

Are you ready to find the unique path that's needed to realize your full potential?

Thought Leader Diagnostic - Elizabeth Marshall

Here’s what I know to be true from working with top thought leaders, including Seth Godin & Michael Port:


Here's the reality. Many aspiring thought leaders that were recognized as best-selling authors, top speakers and media experts just a few years ago have fallen off the radar.

It's not as if these authors and speakers weren't trying their hardest to maintain their visibility and reach.  Yet despite their efforts, they couldn't figure out how to turn that fleeting success into long-term impact.

In my experience there are two primary reasons for this:

  1. Some have a relevant, paradigm-shifting idea and a lot to offer their audience, but they're wasting time, energy and money on strategies that don’t work for them. As a result, it's only a matter of time before they burn out (or even give up) because they're not following the unique pathway that’s right for their unique message.

  2. Others have been able to spot the pitfalls, make adjustments and customize their strategies to align with their business model, stage and goals, but their message and positioning need development in order for them to stand out and truly change the conversation.

The thought leaders who have staying power know that realizing their full potential requires both: a unique strategy and a unique message.

Promise and Benefits

The diagnostic identifies your stage and positioning as a thought leader and shines a light on your current mix of strategies so you know exactly where you stand - and what you need to do next.

There’s a multitude of benefits that clients receive when they invest in the Thought Leader Diagnostic, but the value for YOU boils down to these two:

#1: Your immediate benefit

I can guarantee that you are not using your time and money in the most effective way to grow as a thought leader.

After taking the Thought Leader Diagnostic, you will immediately know what to keep doing, what to stop doing, what to change and what to do next.  As a result, you’ll sleep better at night, recoup wasted resources and see savings in your pocket as soon as we complete our sessions.

“If you’re serious about making a lasting impact, there’s no one better than Liz. She not only understands what it takes to become a recognized thought leader in today’s market, she’ll give you the strategy you need to get there. She helped me grow my message into a national brand, which has led to significant keynotes, consulting, media and more. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

#2: Your long-term results

Although those immediate results are really enticing, there’s a more important benefit if you want to have staying power in your industry.

In a world where it's easy to lose your way, the Thought Leader Diagnostic is a compass for your career.  When you understand YOUR current stage and location within YOUR big picture, it becomes crystal clear where you need to focus over the next 6 to 12 months. 

Without this orientation and clarity, your path to reaching your full potential as a thought leader will take significantly longer than it needs to… if you get there at all.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Thought Leader Intake Questionnaire

Once you book your session, I will email you a detailed questionnaire that is designed to identify your stage as a thought leader and how your current strategy aligns with your message, business model, and goals. 

To get the most out of your diagnostic session, you'll want to devote some quality time to answering the questions - more than you'd spend on skimming your social media feeds!

Just by filling out the questionnaire, you'll begin to recognize what's working, where you have gaps and where you need strategic direction to expand your results and reach. 

Step 2: Thought Leader Diagnostic: Live Sessions

Building on the answers you provide in the intake questionnaire, you will receive two live diagnostic sessions where we will not only confirm your current location and stage as a thought leader, but also identify what’s working, what’s missing and what needs to change so that you can follow the unique strategy that’s required for you to maximize your impact, visibility and income.

  • Session One: We’ll review and assess your positioning and overall goals to insure that you’re on track to be recognized as a leading voice with your audience and your industry.

  • Session Two: We’ll identify the unique mix of strategies you need in order to consistently grow your impact + income and fulfill your potential as a thought leader. 

By the end of the live diagnostic sessions, you'll understand your unique direction and the key steps - both immediate and long term - required to realize your vision. As a result, you'll gain clarity, focus and peace of mind, knowing you’re following the right strategy for you and making the best use of your time, energy and money. 

Step 3: Customized Thought Leader Strategic Plan

After your live diagnostic sessions, you will receive a customized video report and transcript summarizing your unique Thought Leader Strategic Plan, including key areas of development and recommended next actions over the next 6 to 12 months.

Have Questions?

Are you working really hard to grow your platform, but not getting the results you want and not clear on what to do next? Do you have questions about how the Thought Leader Diagnostic can take you to the next level?  Click here to send me an email and I will get back to you.