Thought Leader Spotlight Session

If you’re on the path to becoming a recognized thought leader, you will face a number of pivotal moments that can shift the trajectory of your work and impact in a significant way.

How you handle these moments can make the difference between you spinning your wheels and:

  • Becoming a bestseller

  • Getting picked for a big keynote

  • Securing a partnership with a key industry group or association

Although every aspect of your platform will require a timely shift in strategy or direction from time to time, these pivotal moments often center around three elements of your platform (there are 10.)


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Which Area of Your Platform Needs Immediate Attention?

Whether you’re facing a key decision, a deadline or a timely opportunity or invitation, it can be hard to see what to do.  It can be easy to lose sight of your big-picture strategy and goals when you’re feeling a sense of urgency - or eagerness - to DO SOMETHING as soon as possible.

That’s why I created the Thought Leader Spotlight Sessions.

“Spending an hour with Liz is a must if you are planning a book launch. I admit, I was skeptical about the possible value of an hour. Or if she could help someone who was self-publishing and had a modest marketing budget. Best money spent. HUGE ROI. From getting clear on a title that paved the way for intellectual property, to leveraging my contacts in ways I never imagined, that hour was packed with more valuable, actionable, and practical ideas than I may even have time to use. If you are launching a book invest in success and do a strategy session with Liz Marshall.”

These deep-dive sessions are designed to shine a light on the ONE aspect of your platform (there are 10) that needs your immediate attention.


  • Do you have a book launch coming up and need to know which strategies are right for YOU?

  • Are you unclear on when to write your book and which idea or concept works best for your business model and goals?

  • Are you ready to publish, but confused on whether to publish on your own or pursue a book deal?


  • Have you received a keynote invitation and need help positioning your new message or “testing” your book idea?

  • Do you want more speaking engagements, but feel confused on why you’re not getting booked?

  • Do you know lots of people, but feel frustrated on how to turn those relationships into specific speaking invitations?

Strategic Relationships

  • Are you working hard to build relationships, but struggling to connect with the “right people” to help you spread your message?

  • Are you meeting the right people, but struggling to turn those connections into tangible invitations for your message and work?

  • Do you have the “likeability factor,” but feel unclear on how and when to ask for support?

Promise and Benefits

After experiencing a spotlight session, you’ll know exactly what to do - and what NOT to do - next to make the most of the opportunity in front of you. 

You’ll also walk away with specific action steps to immediately improve your platform and your ability to achieve better results, such as:

  • Launch your book with the best strategies for your budget and business model

  • Identify the right publishing pathway for your current stage

  • Secure more speaking engagements

  • Attract more paid opportunities for your work

  • Develop key strategic relationships to promote your message

You’ll rest easy, knowing that you are investing your time and money in the right way - at this pivotal moment - for YOUR platform and stage as a thought leader.

Adam Hansen
Adam Hansen
Author, Principal

“Launch plans coming along great. Your guidance SO very helpful! Indispensable! Under the idea "Make war with a multitude of counselors", you have to be included at the top of that list! REVISE.”

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Preparation

When you’re ready to book a Spotlight Session, we’ll confirm which element of your platform needs our immediate attention.  Based on that decision, I will send you some prep questions that will help you get maximum value from our time together.

As part of this package, I include up to 20 minutes of prep time to review your answers and look at any supporting documents, including things like website pages, launch plans, speaking descriptions, target relationship lists, etc.

Step 2: Spotlight Session

In this one-hour deep-dive session, we’ll cut to the chase and address the most important aspects of the pivotal opportunity in front of you. We’ll identify the strategies and prioritize the actions you need to take RIGHT NOW.

By the end of the session, you'll walk away with greater focus, clarity and direction and understand how to best use your resources.

Step 3: Recording and Transcript

After our session ends, you’ll receive links to the recording and a copy of the transcription (as soon as it’s ready). Although I encourage you to take notes and capture any insights in real time, these two assets insure that you don’t miss a thing and can implement everything we discuss on the call.

Roma Kheterpal
Roma Kheterpal
“There are only a few people who can envision a goal and strategically map the steps to get there. Elizabeth is among those talented coaches. Following her guidance from my strategy session, by identifying and securing strategic partnerships and aligning them with my message, I am launching my first book in a way far greater than I had ever imagined! Thank you, Elizabeth, for helping me grow my brand as a thought leader, author, and speaker. ”

Have Questions?

If you’re facing a pivotal opportunity and you know you need help with one (or more) areas of your platform, but you're not sure how a spotlight session can help you, click here to send an email and I'll get back to you.