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The Goal:

  • To amplify Seth's own marketing campaign for the launch of his book, Meatball Sundae

  • To identify creative, cutting-edge ways to spread the message that aligned with the ideas in his book

  • To reach new audiences outside of his existing tribe

What Did We Create?

  • Created a new medium to feature Seth in conversation with other influential thought leaders

  • Identified leading authors in similar fields and persuaded them to take part in the series of virtual events

  • Facilitated five virtual roundtable discussions on the key themes in the book

  • Encouraged each thought leader to promote the free event to their own followers, thereby "mashing up tribes"

  • Designed incentives that were announced at the end of each event to drive book sales

  • Created fresh, new content around the book, which was recorded and distributed to the over 7000 people who registered for the series

  • Thought leaders involved:

    • Michael Port

    • David Meerman Scott

    • Chris Anderson

    • Tim Ferriss

    • John Jantsch

    • Tim Sanders

    • Andy Wibbels

    • Pam Slim

    • Dan Pink

    • Rich Sloan

    • Debbie Weil

    • Keith Ferrazzi

    • Mitch Meyerson

    • Andrea J Lee

The Result:

  • 14 influential thought leaders actively promoted the book to their tribes

  • The book was introduced to an audience of over 800,000 targeted potential buyers during the launch

  • Over 7000 people registered for the virtual series and received new content around the book

  • The virtual series helped contribute to Meatball Sundae becoming another best seller for Seth

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