Michael Port

Anyone can become a “bestseller for a day,” but it’s much harder to design a launch that leads to readers talking about your book weeks, months or even years later. Elizabeth is the rare strategist who will not only help you launch your book with maximum impact but will also insure that you’re on track to becoming a recognized leader in your industry. Thanks to Elizabeth, Steal The Show launched as a Wall Street Journal Bestseller and has become a go-to title for speakers and leaders who want to influence their audience. Additionally, maybe most importantly, Elizabeth is the most trustworthy and honest person you’ll ever meet. She’s also the hardest working.
— Michael Port

The Goal:

  • To change the conversation in the speaking industry on how to inspire an audience

  • To publish and launch his book, Steal the Show, with maximum visibility and impact

  • To grow the Heroic Public Speaking brand and business

What Did We Create?

  • Created the strategy for a full-scale national launch, including an online campaign, podcast launch and in-person book tour

  • Developed key messaging and positioning for all aspects of the launch

  • Designed bonus offers and bulk sales strategy

  • Quarterbacked the launch team to help prioritize execution and adapt key strategies in response to real-time opportunities

  • Developed strategic partner relationships to secure online and offline promotion

  • Led a volunteer book launch team of 125 people who helped with podcast reviews on iTunes, book reviews on Amazon and promotion of the book and podcast across social channels.

The Result:

  • Steal The Show became a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller

  • Introduced Steal the Show and the Heroic Public Speaking brand to several new industries and new audiences

  • Success of the book led to additional business for Heroic Public Speaking, including HPS Live attendees and new corporate clients

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Michael Port

Michael Port

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