[Video] Behind the Author Interview with Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant

Did you catch the recent "Behind the Author" interview with Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant? It was a great discussion about the reality of publishing, launches, and what it takes to make a lasting impact as an author and thought leader

Here's what two attendees had to say about it:

 "You guys did a great job of sharing with truth and candor, which is really refreshing." 

 "Thanks for a provocative and insightful discussion!"

Click on the video above to watch the interview and hear the "inside scoop" on their overall strategy and how it impacted their publishing pathway, endorsements, launch strategy, bulk sales and more. You'll also gain some valuable insights that you can apply to your own book project and strategy for growing your impact as a thought leader. 

Once you watch the interview, I would love to hear your feedback and insights! You can leave your comments below or use the contact form here. Also, stay tuned for future interviews in the Behind the Author series!

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