My Last Post (for now) and How I'm Preparing for a Great 2015


Isn’t this a great photo? Of course, I’m a sucker for dogs (and guilty of watching one-too-many dog videos on Facebook!), but there’s something very attractive about how much Barney is loving life! 

Today’s email is the last one in this 10-week series based on a new keynote I gave back in September.  For that speech, the CEO asked me to talk about how to survive the inevitable setbacks on the thought leader journey and find your path to greater impact and results. 

If you look back at most of the images I used in the series, you’ll see that they were chosen to reflect how it can sometimes feel on the thought leader journey.

elizabeth marshall

Since setbacks can turn into “stuck points,” I made sure to give you tools with each article to help you bounce back from rejections and “keep the faith” in your message and work. In wrapping up this series, I have one final message to share with you: 

Have Fun!

As thought leaders, we’ve all been given an amazing opportunity.  Whether your message + work helps people become better leaders, grow their businesses, communicate more effectively or even get healthy, you have an opportunity to change people’s lives!  This is a gift - not a prison sentence!    
Even though you may not feel your ability to impact others when you’re dealing with obstacles, this opportunity to sell your book, build meaningful relationships and grow a business around your purpose and calling is one that most people on this planet will never get to experience. 

That’s why Barney is a great model for how to approach your thought leader journey. 

Celebrate Your Successes 

When you look back on 2014, it’s easy to focus on what didn’t work or where you fell short.  Although it’s good to pinpoint the lessons and areas for improvement, we often do that at the expense of celebrating the successes - and having FUN! 

If you want a better year in 2015, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to reconnect with your why - and the JOY - of doing this work. 

Unlike what most employees of a company experience, YOU get to choose your own adventure - and find the right path for your message, book and business model. YOU get to choose how much you enjoy the conversations, keynotes, writing and events along the way - or not. 

If there are certain aspects of your work that aren’t working or are a drain on your energy, now is a perfect time to address and solve those issues. 

When you set an intention to have fun and enjoy the journey, you’re much more likely to attract the best opportunities for your message, book and business. 

Just ask Barney.

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