[VIDEO] 3 Strategies for Creating Valuable Content Your Audience Wants

I had a chat with a client last week about his content strategy and the challenges of creating relevant content that audiences find to be valuable. 

Can you relate? Even when you have a powerful message to share, it can be difficult to find the right topics, approach and structure to share that message through articles, videos and podcasts on a day-to-day basis. 

I put together a short video for you with the three tips I shared with my client on how to create fresh, relevant content that you’ll be inspired to produce and that your audience will find useful and worth their time. 

(BTW, my client used these tips to create a new article that was a big hit with his audience.) 

Let me know what ideas you gain as a result of watching the video. Enjoy!


P.S. What questions or challenges are you facing around growing your impact as a thought leader?  Reply to this email with your questions, comments and ideas so I can incorporate them in future articles and videos! 

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