Do you want to be more than just a bestseller for a day? Do you want to be recognized as a thought leader in your industry

If so, you need an integrated strategy across all ten areas of your Thought Leader Platform (hover over icons for descriptions):

10 Points Of The Thought Leader Platform Diagnostic by Elizabeth Marshall

Here’s what I know to be true from working with top thought leaders, including Seth Godin, Michael Port, and Les McKeown:


Here's the reality. Many thought leaders that were recognized as best-selling authors, top speakers and media experts just a few years ago have fallen off the radar.

It's not as if these authors and speakers weren't trying their hardest to maintain their visibility and reach.  Yet despite their efforts, they couldn't figure out how to turn that fleeting success into long-term impact.

How can you insure that this doesn't happen to you?

In this new market, the thought leaders who have staying power “get” that there are 10 elements of their platform they need to develop and master.

Some authors and speakers see mediocre results because they are missing some of these key elements. These gaps - which are not always easy to spot and recognize - can stop them from achieving lasting impact.

For others, they understand the 10 elements, but find themselves running in circles trying to apply them all at once. It’s not easy to identify the right priority and sequence for your overall strategy and business model. Without that insight, it’s not a question of IF, but how much time and money you will waste.

Promise and Benefits

The TLPD gives you a snapshot of your stage across all 10 elements so you know exactly where you stand - and what to do next.

There’s a multitude of benefits that clients receive when they invest in the TLPD, but the value for YOU boils down to these two:

#1: Your immediate benefit

I can guarantee that you are not using your time and money in the most effective way to grow as a thought leader.

After taking the TLPD, you will immediately know what to keep doing, what to stop doing, what to change and what to do next.  As a result, you’ll sleep better at night, recoup wasted resources and see savings in your pocket as soon as we hang up the phone.

“If you’re serious about making a lasting impact, there’s no one better than Liz. She not only understands what it takes to become a recognized thought leader in today’s market, she’ll give you the strategy you need to get there. She helped me grow my message into a national brand, which has led to significant keynotes, consulting, media and more. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
- Les, McKeown, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Predictable Success and The Synergist

#2: Your long-term results

Although those immediate results are really enticing, there’s a more important benefit if you want to have staying power in your industry.

In a world where it's easy to lose your way, the TLPD is a compass for your career.  When you understand YOUR current stage and location within YOUR big picture, it becomes crystal clear where you need to focus over the next 6 to 18 months. 

Without this orientation and clarity, your path to being a recognized thought leader will take significantly longer than it needs to (and some of you may not even get there).

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Thought Leader Intake Questionnaire

I will email you a detailed questionnaire that is designed to get a good look at your current stage across all 10 elements of the thought leader platform.  To get the most out of your diagnostic session, you'll want to devote some quality time to answering the questions (more than you'd spend on skimming your social media feeds!)

Just by filling out the questionnaire you'll begin to recognize what's working, where you have gaps and where you need strategic direction.

Step 2: Thought Leader Diagnostic Session

In this 90-minute session we will review your current stage as a thought leader and what is required to get to the next level.  Specifically, I will show you:

  • Key areas of development for all 10 aspects of your thought leader platform

  • The 3 or 4 priority areas that you need to focus on right now

  • The places where you're wasting money or need to reallocate resources

  • Your overall strategic plan to follow for the next 6 to 18 months

By the end of the session you'll know exactly where you are and where you're going.  As a result you'll gain focus, clarity and direction, along with an understanding of how you're going to save money.

Step 3: Customized Thought Leader Strategic Plan

After the diagnostic session you will receive a summary of your overall strategic plan along with feedback and recommendations across all ten elements of your thought leader platform.  For each element you'll receive an assessment of your current stage, key areas of development and recommended actions.

Step 4: Follow-up Session

After receiving your customized report we will schedule a follow up call.  This 30-minute session is designed to answer any additional questions and to help you implement your thought leader strategy.


Have Questions?

Are you working really hard to grow your platform, but not getting the results you want and not clear on what to do next? Do you have questions about how the Thought Leader Platform Diagnostic can take you to the next level?  Click here to send me an email and I will get back to you.