Remarkable Panel Discussions.  That’s What Your Audience Wants.

Most panels can be a painful experience for both audiences and speakers alike. That is, unless Elizabeth is your moderator.

Here’s 10 reasons to hire her to design and host your next panel discussion or event.  Elizabeth:

  • Delivers an experience that feels more like a keynote than a panel
  • Makes it fun and easy for the speakers so they say YES to your invitation
  • Prepares insightful questions to create lively discussion and highlight the collective expertise of the panelists
  • Masterfully guides the conversation no matter the size of the panel or the personalities
  • Uses advanced listening skills to synthesize key points on the fly into something much bigger
  • Keeps audiences entertained for hours with her high-energy, engaging style
  • Doesn’t steal the spotlight but interjects perfectly to add value and keep the panel on point.
  • Brings her natural curiosity and sense of humor to guide the discussion so there’s never a dull moment
  • Embodies the term professional, which means you’ll get nothing less than the best from her and her panelists
  • ….AND, she’s THE go-to moderator that people trust
What Panelists Are Saying About Elizabeth
“It's incredibly difficult to run a panel that delivers on its promise. I'm sure you've seen panels that just go completely off the rails even with great panelists because the interviewer or host has trouble managing them. Elizabeth is able to handle any challenge, including big personalities, which is extraordinary.

She is truly the best in class - and the only moderator I trust to run my panels.”
"...Elizabeth somehow managed to not only capably handle all the personalities, but further, she MASTERFULLY led us to greater depths of value delivery to an audience who reported that the panel was one of the best parts of the event where it took place. Fast, personable, and able to…wait for it… marshall the best performances from her panel, Elizabeth is a force to be reckoned with and would be a pure win for your future event."
"I've experienced Elizabeth as a moderator/host both in person and virtually and she knocks it out of the park every time.

She has that rare talent of being to keep a panel flowing, without making it about her and yet interjects perfectly. I can't wait to be on a panel she moderates in the future"

Interested In Hiring Elizabeth?
Michael Port - Facebook Testimonial
Mike Michalowicz
Mike Michalowicz
Keynote Speaker and Author
"As a best-selling author and popular keynote speaker, I’ve been asked to serve on many panels over the years. In my experience, the right moderator makes the difference between a mediocre discussion that falls short and an exceptional conversation that wows your audience. Elizabeth has the ability to draw out the best from each panelist and weave those insights into a cohesive conversation your audience can enjoy and apply. Not only that, she makes it fun and easy for the speakers, which is usually not the case. I had a blast on her panel and highly recommend her for your next event.""
"I've worked with Elizabeth Marshall a couple of times now and I have to say I'm always impressed. There's a real art to getting at the heart of the matter in any business setting, to be firm and fair, and still give people the space to feel great about doing business with you. That's just one example of her impressive talent that points to how she uses her smarts to lead and influence those around her."
"Elizabeth served as the moderator for a panel session I participated in during Michael Port's Heroic Public Speaking conference. She was an adept questioner, asking incisive questions that moved the conversation forward while allowing each participant to shine. She created the conditions for a thoughtful conversation that kept participants entertained for more than two hours (she led back-to-back sessions). Many people commented afterward how much they'd enjoyed and learned from the sessions, and that was in large part due to Elizabeth's skill.""
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Christine Silver Facebook Testimonial
"Panels can be a mess... unless Elizabeth Marshall is the moderator. She always delivers value for the audience and panelists alike. If you want to create a memorable experience for your attendees, and get speakers to say 'Yes' to participate in them, then hire Elizabeth to host your next panel."
"Elizabeth Marshall is a smart, prepared and incredibly effective moderator. I have been on many panels in 20 years in business, and very few are designed to give the audience a very well curated source of ideas and inspiration. Elizabeth's panels are like this every single time. Hire her!"
"Most panels are boring because people either drone on too long or topics drift out of control. However, with Elizabeth Marshall as the moderator, each panel accomplished its goal: Valuable information from a variety of viewpoints!"
Michael Port Facebook Testimonial
Clementina Tortoa Esposito Facebook Testimonial
"Elizabeth, you are an absolutely FANTASTIC host and moderator! In both of the panel discussions you led - each with very different individual and collective personalities - you displayed the perfect combination of overall control and allowing the personalities to be expressed and shine. This provided absolutely exceptional value to the audience members, as wisdom could be shared in a way that brought out everyone's best while in an environment that never got out-of-hand or off-topic. During my panel, I very much had a sense of ease and confidence to say what I felt was necessary knowing that you were there to guide the discussion and ensure it flowed in the proper direction. It was also very impressive how you tactfully handled the one person who was looking to be a bit controversial."
"Over my two decades of experience in the events industry, I’ve seen and participated in some of the best (and the worst) moderated panels you can imagine. I know for a fact that great panel discussions are the exception - not the norm. Having been on two panels that Elizabeth has moderated, I know first-hand that her impressive skills are rare. She not only manages to elicit great value from her panelists, but she makes it entertaining for both the speakers and audience alike. If you want an exceptional experience for your audience, hire Elizabeth to design and lead your next panel. She is unmatched in her ability to bring the best out of participants and deepen the discussion and maximize learning for everyone in attendance!"
"Having served on many panels and also moderated panels as a keynote speaker, I have witnessed many, many panel conversations. I have NEVER been as impressed as I was recently when serving on a panel with Elizabeth as the moderator. 9 people on the panel (which seemed crazy) and yet she did it elegantly, intelligently and the audience loved it! Her incredible attention to detail, thorough research in advance, targeted questions, exquisite segue ways and delightful personality ensured every audience member was engaged, took away tangible strategies and her panelist has a blast! If you need a world-class moderator for your event, hire Elizabeth Marshall. I heard the client say, “I will only allow a panel if Elizabeth is the moderator” - that’s high praise coming from one of the best in the industry."
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Amy Facebook Testimonial
"Panels are broken. I've watched and participated on hundreds of panels and most are a terrible waste of time for both the panelists and those watching it. Moderators often read canned questions and participants don't prepare the way they would for a keynote. Everyone suffers. But one consistent exception are panels moderated by Elizabeth Marshall. She does her homework ahead of time. Her research and preparation allows her to ask insightful questions, pulling critical insights from each panelist, while directing the conversation and keeping the entire session engaging and high energy. I decline most panels, but I actually look forward to panels moderated by Elizabeth. She's a true pro."
"Elizabeth Marshall is a masterful moderator, for both panelists and audiences alike. She can make a panel feel like a keynote. Her questions are thoughtful and probing (and based on thorough research into the topics and to the panelists themselves), and give voice to what the audience is most curious to know. She also listens -- a rare gift -- which means she can, in the moment, find the threads that link ideas and answers together."
"Elizabeth really is the best moderator. With every panel she leads, she's able to elevate the conversation to a whole new level - both for the audience AND the speakers. As a result, her audiences walk away with a smile on their face, valuable insights and a and a list of takeaways they can apply right away. The best part? She does all of this with such class and presence. Hire Liz if you want to create a remarkable panel experience for your event."