Carol Roth

I hired Elizabeth to help me quarterback my book marketing strategy and launch. Those who know me know that I have the highest standards and I say in all sincerity that Elizabeth was an amazing partner who shares full credit for the book’s success. As an added bonus, some of my most meaningful professional and personal relationships have come as a result of introductions provided by Liz. I give her and her work my fullest endorsement.
— Carol Roth

The Goal:

  • To become a recognized thought leader in the small business space
  • To publish and launch her book, The Entrepreneur Equation, with maximum visibility and impact
  • To use the success of the book to grow her platform as a national TV and media expert

What Did We Create?

  • Developed new language and positioning for Carol's message and book
  • Introduced her to a new publisher that was more aligned to her business model and goals
  • Expanded her platform and digital footprint – including social media
  • Cultivated strategic partnerships with thought leaders and groups to help spread the message
  • Created an overall strategy to help Carol launch the book on a national scale

The Result:

  • Carol's book became a New York Times Best Seller
  • Success of the book led to additional media opportunities and speaking engagements
  • Carol grew her national platform as a media expert

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Carol Roth

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