Elizabeth Marshall

About You

Let me set the record straight.  The journey towards becoming a thought leader is not for the faint of heart.  You are entering a world of uncertainty, so your resolve and commitment to your message will be constantly tested.

If you want to be seen as more than the average author or speaker, it's also going to require a tremendous amount of stamina and courage.  Thought leaders that make a difference are not only passionate about their message, they are not afraid to put themselves out there.

About Me

I have worked with many influential thought leaders including Seth Godin, Michael Port and former Starbucks President, Howard Behar.  I have coached both individuals and groups at every stage and level, delivered three-day intensive workshops and written an award winning book - The Contrarian Effect

All these experiences have given me the insight needed to help you navigate your path to greater impact and income.

About Us

My purpose is to partner with established thought leaders when it’s their time to step up to a new level of success and impact. While private consulting is the core of my business, I love helping people at all stages to connect their message to the right audience.

If you're working hard to become a recognized thought leader, but feel uncertain about your strategy for getting there, the Thought Leader Platform Diagnostic is for you. In a world where it's easy to spin your wheels and waste time and money, the TLPD will point you in the right direction and accelerate your results.

If you’re facing a pivotal opportunity and you know you need to make a timely decision with one (or more) areas of your platform, a spotlight session with me could save you enormous amounts of time, energy and money.

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