Book Breakthrough: 

A Framework For Developing
Your Idea, Book, and Business

Becoming a bestselling author or influential thought leader isn't the result of happenstance or luck. If you want to finally give weight, scope and meaning to your idea, you'll need a hand in breaking through the marketplace barriers and rising above the fierce competition.

Book Breakthrough is a self-study course that provides you with the necessary framework to develop your idea and to successfully publish your book regardless of budget, audience, or vision.

Don't spend unnecessary time, money, and energy going down the wrong path. Instead, let Book Breakthrough help you evaluate the strength of your idea, establish a platform for your work, and develop partnerships that will propel your message forward.


Do You Need A Book Breakthrough?

You have a few ideas for your book (and know you want to be published), but you haven't started writing; or if you have, you’ve got nothing to show for it.

You want to make sure that your idea is relevant and there is an audience that needs to hear it.

You are already a published author, but you know the game has changed significantly since your last book - and you don’t know the new rules.

You are aware that there is a "Brave New World" of publishing, but you just don't know how to navigate it.

You are established in your field and have a compelling message to convey, but you’re unsure how to make a lasting impact as an author and thought leader.

You are ready to move forward towards your dream of being published, but you need some pivotal questions answered first. 

The Power of Book Breakthrough

No two visionaries have the same goals; therefore no two visionaries will have the same path towards success. Book Breakthrough provides a "big picture" framework that allows thought leaders at any stage the opportunity to be successful within the publishing space.

I developed the program with Janet Goldstein, a visionary editor, writer and publishing strategist. The interactive lessons provided are based on our work with thought leader clients and feature video sessions with bestselling authors such as Les McKeown, Carol Roth, and Todd Kashdan.

On completing this course, you'll know how to:

  • Make your idea stand out amongst the competition.
  • Develop partnerships with groups that serve your audience.
  • Grow your platform for your message.
  • Successfully publish your book.

Book Breakthrough isn't just another self-study course; it's a powerful mentor that you can call on again and again for guidance, inspiration, and confidence.


Price: $197


  • Over 12 hours of video master class modules with Elizabeth, Janet and bestselling authors
  • Simple, yet highly effective, companion worksheets and exercises
  • Four audio coaching and Q&A sessions with Janet and Elizabeth
  • 24/7 access to all course materials
  • Dedicated Book Breakthrough resource page

“The ideas I took away from the first hour alone were worth the money. Janet and Elizabeth will help you mold your ideas into movement.”
— Brian Hamilton, VP of Financial Wellness at Dave Ramsey and author of 90-Day Money Challenge
“There are no words to describe how Book Breakthrough exceeded my expectations. I learned more about the publishing industry, marketing books, building businesses from books, and, most importantly, communicating the message of my book, than I could possibly have imagined. I highly recommend Book Breakthrough to any author at any stage!”
— Paul Puckett, founder of the Whole Investor Network